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40Under40 Nominations: We Want You!

Dear readers,

By now, you’ve heard that our 40Under40 nominations are open! We’re looking for this year’s class of exceptional marketers who are shaking things up, making it rain, and thrilling clients with a unique combination of innovation and skill. Who among you has these qualities? Who will make the cut this year?

In order to look toward the future, we must refer to the past. Here are some of the winners of our past 40Under40 winners. We know how to pick ‘em: not only did we celebrate their momentous achievements, but the winners have gone on to do even more great things with their careers. Here are a few examples of 40Under40 winners DMN has honored in the past:

  • John Fernandez, 2017 winner, previously Vice President of Revenue Marketing at Contently, now Senior Vice President of Marketing at Glia
  • Bryan Brown, 2012 winner, previously VP of product strategy at IBM, has now gone on to Chief Product Officer at Terminus
  • Claudia Page, 2016 winner, has gone from Vice President at Crowdtap to Senior Vice President, Partner Products at dailymotion.

All of these marketers have several things in common, in addition to their impressive titles: they have all spearheaded campaigns that dramatically increased their company’s bottom line while earning the respect of their colleagues and subordinates.

Nominees should be at least a senior client-side marketing executive (e.g. Director, VP, SVP, CMO) — or a senior executive (e.g. Director, Marketing VP, CMO, CEO, President) from a marketing partner/vendor company (e.g. a creative agency, marketing services firm, data or list company, or marketing technology firm). And guess what? All nominees must be under the age of 40 as of 9 September this year. 

Now that you have an idea of what we at DMN are looking for, we hope you can think of a superstar on your team—whether if it’s yourself, someone who you report to, or someone who reports to you. Let us know, so we can celebrate them! Marketing isn’t easy, and part of our job is to recognize great marketers who are leading the pathway into the future.

We look forward to receiving your nomination!

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