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A Guide to SEO at Any Age

guide to SEO

In recent years, Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, has become the leading topic in many conversations surrounding marketing and advertising. But what is it really? Everyone is used to hearing the generalities around SEO, such as it being important to help grow your online presence and gain recognition. But how does one even begin the process of SEO and implementing it? And what does it really do to grow your online presence? Well, look no further. The following is a guide to SEO at any age.

What is SEO?

SEO has only become mainstream to both marketers and consumers in the last few years. But in reality, it’s been around since the 90s when computers first started to emerge. Although “search engine” really refers to any searching site, the main one that SEO refers to is Google. So, essentially, search engine optimization refers to the goal of getting your website or content toward the top of the search results when consumers search for something on Google.

On-Page SEO

Within SEO, there are many processes you can implement that relate to getting towards that top of the list spot. One aspect of our guide to SEO includes what’s known as “On-page SEO.” This relates to the content you put on your site that makes it more legitimate, professional, and appealing to consumers. Likewise, it does the same with Google so they want to promote it.

For example, one practice of on-page SEO practices to implement is writing strong, catchy titles over articles. Additionally, other examples are adding keywords in your content, optimizing your site’s images for SEO, and including highly descriptive content. All of this can be done by uploading your content to a third-party SEO site first, such as WordPress, Ubersuggest, or SEMRush.

Off-Page SEO

The opposite of On-Page SEO is Off-Page SEO. This type of SEO refers to efforts in raising your listing location that does not pertain directly to your internal website. One example of this is dedicating a large focus to social media marketing on all other online platforms.

By having a strong social media presence with high-user engagement, you are more likely to raise your frequency of positive customer reviews on third-party websites, as well as your credibility as an established business. For instance, if you have a good, strong social media account for your work, it is likely you’ll have many followers and be very popular. This makes you look better. Also, it makes it easier for Google technology to find you and put you higher on their priority list.

White-Hat SEO

Another more general type of SEO marketing in our guide to SEO is known as White-Hat SEO. This type of SEO refers to a very ethical, correct way of doing SEO. Essentially, it means that you are playing by the rules, Google’s rules, to be specific. Unlike its opposition, Black-Hat SEO, White-Hat SEO ensures your site’s authenticity rating from Google. This is because you are not finding loopholes to cheat the algorithm.

Black-Hat SEO relies on manipulating keywords and link building to find those loopholes in the system. White-Hat simply includes relevant content based on key search words. This is the way Google intends SEO to work. In playing by the rules with White-Hat SEO, you are putting in little risk and likely to gain higher rewards.


While SEO is one aspect of Search Engine Marketing, it is not the only aspect. Another part of this type of marketing is the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) process. This method is older and more traditional. It involves paying for advertisements to appear at the very top of Google searches. While this method can be effective, SEO is completely free and can be just as (if not more) effective. Because of this, SEO is a valuable tool for anyone in marketing to use. Unlike the PPC, SEO allows your content to show up without the negative connotation that advertisements can often give to customers.

Overall, SEO can involve as much or as little attention to the smaller details and parts of your website and online content as you choose. However, no matter how much attention you choose to put into SEO, the combination of all those details and improvement is likely to pay off in the end by getting your site more online visibility.

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