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Cannes celebrates exceptional movie poster design at Prix Luciole Awards

"Cannes Poster Design"
“Cannes Poster Design”

On Friday, Cannes held the first-ever Prix Luciole Awards, co-hosted by Taopiaopiao and the Paris-based Alliance Cinéaste Chine-Europe. The awards honored outstanding movie poster design, celebrating visually striking and emotionally engaging posters.

Talents from worldwide were recognized for their contributions to the art of movie poster design. The grand ceremony saw designers, directors, and other industry professionals, providing a platform to underline the importance of cinematic expression through captivating visual design.

The Prix Luciole award for the best poster was given to “Julie Keeps Quiet”, with a cash prize of 1,000 euros. The design was praised for its balance between typography and photography, and its imagery reflecting the protagonist’s mindset.

The runner-up poster for “A Horizon Too Far” also gained significant attention for its innovative approach to illustrative styles. The artists behind the poster were commended for pushing the boundaries of traditional design elements.

“The Blue Gaze” won the award for ‘Best Use of Color’ for its monochromatic color scheme. The jury commended its use of the color blue to provoke a sense of mystery and intrigue.

The ‘Audience Choice Award’ was won by “Through the Looking Glass”, thanks to its exceptional use of optical illusions and surreal imagery.

Cannes honors exceptional film poster creativity at Prix Luciole

It was praised for its intriguing depiction of the film’s complex narrative and its effective engagement with the viewer.

Special mention must be made to all competing poster designers. Their creativity, ingenuity, and technical skill have made the Prix Luciole competition a unique and exciting event.

The diverse Prix Luciole jury included consultants for notable film festivals, founders of design studios, and creative directors. They underscored the influential role of film posters in shaping a viewer’s cinematic experience, with actor Wu Ke-Xi presenting the top prize.

The Jury Prize went to “She’s Got No Name” for its poster that skillfully creates suspense. The Special Recognition Award was given to “The Door in the Floor”. Lastly, “Falling Sky” won the Best Promotional Campaign.

The film “A Fireland” received a Special Mention for its artistic collages and minimalist visuals that break industry clichés — a design achievement by Mona Convert, the film’s director.

Finally, the Prix Luciole audience award, decided by Taopiaopiao audience votes, went to “A Fireland”. The poster’s classic art design was widely appreciated, with the Chinese design studio Huanghai receiving credit for the design.

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