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Center Rog unveils vibrant new identity

"Vibrant Identity"
“Vibrant Identity”

Ljubljana’s Center Rog has unveiled a new visual identity, brought to life by Nejc Prah and the collaborative group Ansambel. The revamp reflects the hub’s multifaceted, vibrant nature, which includes multiple production labs, 20 rent-free studios, seven retail spaces, social venues such as a café and a bar, and a library.

The redesign mirrors the creative energy pulsating through the center. The free studios foster an atmosphere of creative experimentation, while the retail spaces and social venues offer discussion platforms. The library remains a pillar of inspiration, reinforcing the local arts scene.

Prah and Ansambel have encapsulated the center’s energetic atmosphere in its identity, extending from branding to architectural signage, website design, and graphics. They skilfully merged color, typography, and iconography to evoke Center Rog’s vibrant persona and provide easy navigation cues.

Unveiling Center Rog’s vibrant rebranding

Integrating digital and physical designs ensures a harmonious visitor experience, propelling interaction across all channels.

Eschewing traditional conventions, the creatives used a mix of illustrative styles and photographic elements for diverse signage throughout the center, unified using the Rog typographical style and color palette.

They chose a distinctive color palette of primarily cool grey with 21 different shades organized into four triads. Challenges arose around preserving uniqueness amongst much creativity, but in the end, a bold logo was designed, which formed a balance between individuality and uniformity alongside the chosen color scheme.

The logo melds modern and traditional aspects, balancing positive and negative space with a blend of angles and curves, giving it a clean, sleek aesthetic. The monochromatic color scheme enhances this balance. Typography has been strategically chosen to complement the overall aesthetics, reflecting a fusion of the contemporary and classic.

Prah and Ansambel have dedicated themselves to representing Center Rog’s unique character and continue to refine the established identity. They aspire to present a visual identity that encapsulates every element of Center Rog, remarkably its rich diversity, discursive quality, and renowned inclusiveness.

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