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Demand Gen 101: Your Guide to Generating Engagement and Revenue

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Wednesday, March 23
1:00 pm ET

Today’s modern demand generation program doesn’t just generate leads; it creates higher quality and actionable prospects, accelerates and converts leads more effectively, and ultimately turns more of those leads into revenue.

By leveraging coordinated and proven inbound and outbound marketing activities, Demand Gen programs can help generate higher revenue from marketing-sourced leads.

Join Janelle Johnson, Sr. Director of Demand Generation and Rachel Rosin, Web & Content Optimization Manager, both of Act-On Software to learn actionable tools and tactics to drive user engagement and fill your pipeline.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

• Why Demand Gen is essential to marketing teams

• Key tools and tactics for successful demand generation programs

• Why Demand Gen can create alignment between marketing and sales organization

• How marketing automation can set the stage for demand generation success

Rachel Rosin
Web & Content Optimization Manager
Act-On Software

Rachel Rosin is responsible for the development and execution of content and maintaining an engaging web presence designed to attract, capture and nurture prospects and leads. She is also a key player in content development for lead and pipeline cultivation, with a focus on growing inbound lead generation and increasing conversion rates.

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