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Doritos Unveils AI-Powered ‘Crunch-Cancellation’

Doritos AI
Doritos AI

In a world where noise-canceling technology has become increasingly popular, Doritos, the renowned snack brand, has taken a unique approach to address a common issue among gamers – the disruptive sound of snacking. With their latest innovation, Doritos Silent tech, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the brand aims to eliminate the crunching sound of their chips during online gaming sessions. This groundbreaking solution is specifically designed for PC gamers who find the sounds of fellow players’ snacking distracting and hindering their performance.

The Problem: Crunching Sounds in Gaming

According to a survey conducted by Doritos, 30% of gamers in the United States reported that the sound of other players snacking affects their gaming experience. The tactile sensation of biting into a crisp chip is a core appeal of Doritos’ product, but it can be a source of frustration for gamers engaged in online multiplayer battles. The brand recognized this issue and set out to find a solution that would cater to the gaming community’s needs.

Introducing Doritos Silent: Crunch-Cancellation Software

Doritos Silent is an AI-powered software tool developed by Doritos in collaboration with Smooth Technology, a Brooklyn-based creative engineering and design studio. This software claims to cancel out the crunching sounds created by snacking on Doritos chips during gaming sessions. The technology behind this innovation is rooted in the concept of noise-canceling headphones, which have gained popularity among individuals seeking to block out external sounds and focus on their audio content.

How Does Doritos Silent Work?

The crunch-cancellation software operates as a microphone filter, allowing users to activate a button that filters out any munching noises they make while immersed in a multiplayer battle. The development process involved analyzing thousands of snippets of crunches, ensuring accurate and efficient sound cancellation. Doritos Silent is compatible with Windows and can be easily downloaded from their website.

Creating Hype: Advertising Campaign and Teasers

To generate excitement and anticipation for the launch of Doritos Silent, the brand launched a comprehensive advertising campaign across various platforms. Social media and out-of-home (OOH) ads were strategically placed to convey the idea of “making Doritos silent,” with images of chips replacing noise-canceling headphones. This campaign ran not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Brazil, and Portugal. Additionally, Doritos released attention-grabbing commercials that dramatized the concept of crunch cancellation in an exaggerated and entertaining manner.

Targeting Gen Z and Millennial Gamers

Doritos’ decision to invest in AI-powered crunch cancellation technology aligns with the brand’s objective to connect with the significant gaming community, particularly the 80% of Gen Z and millennial consumers who identify as gamers. Research conducted by NewZoo highlights the growing influence of gaming as a cultural phenomenon, making it an ideal space for brands to engage with their target audience.

The Benefits of Doritos Silent

The introduction of Doritos Silent offers several advantages for both gamers and the brand itself. By addressing the issue of disruptive snacking sounds, Doritos enhances the gaming experience for players, allowing them to focus on their gameplay without distractions. This innovative solution also positions Doritos as an industry leader, showcasing their commitment to understanding and catering to the needs of their target audience.

User Experience and First-Party Data Collection

To download the crunch-cancellation feature, users are required to submit their name and email address on the Doritos website. This process not only allows users to access the software but also provides Doritos with valuable first-party data for future marketing initiatives. The collection of user data can enable the brand to further analyze and understand their target market, tailoring their products and marketing strategies accordingly.

Doritos Silent and the Future of AI in Gaming

Doritos Silent represents the brand’s foray into the world of AI, a technology that continues to shape industries and transform user experiences. By leveraging AI-powered software to solve a specific problem within the gaming community, Doritos showcases its commitment to innovation and its understanding of evolving consumer needs. As the gaming industry continues to thrive, brands like Doritos are recognizing the importance of catering to this niche audience, creating opportunities for further advancements in the field.

Other Brands’ Overtures to Gamers

Doritos is not the only brand recognizing the significance of engaging with gamers. Heineken Brazil recently debuted a gaming PC that doubles as a refrigerator to keep beers cold, catering to the hardcore gaming community. This example highlights the increasing efforts by brands to connect with gamers and create products specifically tailored to their interests and hobbies.

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What issue does Doritos Silent tech aim to solve?

Doritos Silent tech aims to eliminate the disruptive crunching sound of snacking on Doritos chips during online gaming sessions, a common issue reported by 30% of gamers in the U.S.

How is Doritos Silent powered?

Doritos Silent is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), developed in collaboration with Smooth Technology, a creative engineering and design studio based in Brooklyn.

How does Doritos Silent work?

Doritos Silent operates as a microphone filter. Users can activate a button that filters out the crunching noises while they are engaged in online multiplayer games.

How can users access Doritos Silent?

Users can download the Doritos Silent software from the Doritos website, compatible with Windows, after submitting their name and email address.

What was the process behind the development of Doritos Silent?

The development involved analyzing thousands of snippets of crunching sounds to ensure accurate and efficient sound cancellation, resembling the concept behind noise-canceling headphones.

Who is the target audience for Doritos Silent?

The target audience comprises Gen Z and millennial gamers, with the brand aiming to enhance the gaming experience and connect with the significant gaming community.

What are the benefits of Doritos Silent for gamers and Doritos?

For gamers, it minimizes distractions by cancelling crunching sounds. For Doritos, it positions them as an industry leader in understanding and catering to their target audience’s needs, also collecting valuable first-party data for future marketing initiatives.

How has Doritos promoted the launch of Doritos Silent?

Doritos launched an advertising campaign across various platforms including social media and out-of-home ads in multiple countries, along with commercials dramatizing the concept of crunch cancellation.

What does Doritos Silent signify for the brand?

It represents Doritos’ venture into the realm of AI and showcases their commitment to innovation and understanding evolving consumer needs within the gaming community.

Are there other brands engaging with the gaming community?

Yes, for instance, Heineken Brazil recently introduced a gaming PC that doubles as a refrigerator for keeping beers cold, showcasing increasing efforts by brands to cater to gamers.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Gaining Visuals; Unsplash – Thank you!

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