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Gurls Talk undergoes successful rebrand, strengthens online presence

"Successful Rebrand"
“Successful Rebrand”

Gurls Talk, an organization promoting mental health for teenage girls and young women, has gone through a comprehensive rebrand led by Mestiza Estudio. With an updated logo, refreshed brand identity and a new website design, Gurls Talk is envisioning a progressive outlook while preserving its central role of advocating mental health awareness among its audience.

The multifaceted design studio, Mestiza Estudio with its creative team and profound client experiences was selected for the project. They intensively worked on the brand revamp infusing innovative elements into design to reach a broader audience without losing the underlying ethos of Gurls Talk. The rebranding was successful, solidifying Gurls Talk as a top platform for young women.

Founded by renowned model Adwoa Aboah in 2015, Gurls Talk offers a safe space for young women, promoting open dialogues on often neglected or stigmatized issues.

Gurls Talk’s successful rebranding and digital push

As the platform heads into its sixth year, it continues to gain global recognition and support for its valuable resources and open forums.

The rebrand was aimed at commemorating Gurls Talk’s past achievements and endorsing its future aspirations. The rebranding focused on magnifying the organization’s core values, like hope, bravery, and openness on all communication touchpoints. The new branding reflects Gurls Talk’s commitment to fostering a supportive community for young women.

The rebranding included collaborating with a calligrapher for a unique wordmark, enhancing the website’s usability with a graphic designer and partnering with content creators for aligning social media platforms with their fresh branding. The resulting brand resonates effectively with its audience, reinforcing Gurls Talk’s online presence.

The rejuvenated image and refreshed branding efforts project Gurls Talk’s commitment to leading global mental health discussions. Through this transformation, Gurls Talk fortifies its pledge towards creating safe, inclusive spaces for discourse, bringing a positive change in addressing mental health concerns globally.

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