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Half Moon Empanadas: An expanding taste of Argentina

Expanding Argentina
Expanding Argentina

Founded by Pilar Guzmán, Half Moon Empanadas has grown from a single outlet to operating in numerous U.S. airports, offering empanadas made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Quickly becoming a traveler favorite, Half Moon Empanadas has been acknowledged for its sustainable practices and innovative approach to airline food.

Guzmán credits the company’s success to the in-house preparation of their dough and their commitment to customer feedback, two factors that distinguish the company from its competitors. He also commends the progressive management team and the firm’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

From its startup in South Beach, Miami, in 2008, Half Moon Empanadas has expanded to over 20 U.S. locations, including in universities and hospitals across Florida, registering three million empanada sales in 2023 alone. It further increased its presence, establishing outlets in bustling airports, shopping malls, and popular theme parks throughout the nation, recording an astounding five million empanada sales in 2024.

Guzmán takes pride in their unique empanadas that feature twice as much filling as average ones, high-quality ingredients sourced from reliable providers, and the handmade dough prepared daily.

Expanding Half Moon Empanadas: A sustainable practice

The company also maintains an inclusive approach by offering a diverse variety of fillings and engaging in local events and charitable causes.

Co-founder, Juan Zavala, seeks to introduce a taste of Argentina to America through empanadas, while Guzmán utilizes her skills in business administration and finance to drive business expansion. Despite facing economic challenges, the duo managed to keep the company afloat through creativity, innovation, and sound financial management.

Today, Half Moon Empanadas stands as a model of resilience and business acumen. With plans to continue company expansion, Guzmán emphasizes the need for maintaining quality control to preserve the brand’s unique authenticity and taste. He also stresses the significance of teamwork in maintaining quality control across all aspects of the business.

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