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Horizon Media launches event marketing division

Independent strategy and planning agency Horizon Media has launched a division focused on sports and event marketing. The division is led by Michael Neuman, who joined the agency as managing partner on November 10. He came from consulting firm Amplify Sports, where he was co-founder.

“Clients are demanding deeper services relative to what their marketing needs are, and some have asked us to support them in various sports and events capacities,” Neuman said. “[Launching this division] allows us to keep up with bigger holding companies that have a variety of agencies that provide different services.”

The division is broken into three units — sports, entertainment and events — supported by the company’s promotional services team.

The goal is to provide support for existing clients in areas of need and to provide another possible entry point into the agency for prospective clients. Brands including Mazda, Carhartt and The Sports Authority have recently consolidated their marketing mix into agency networks, citing the integrated capabilities under one roof as a benefit.

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