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Justworks’ HR Tools: How to Pick the Best Software

Justworks’ HR Tools

It is a general notion that a human resources job is easy. This is far from reality since it involves a lot of effort and planning.

A human resources team does a lot, ranging from hiring and nurturing a high-caliber and proficient workforce to managing existing workers. By doing so, an HR team ensures the company attracts top talent and retains it.

Handling all these tasks perfectly requires top-rated HR tools. If your HR team is overwhelmed with everyday business activities, its efforts become cluttered.

That means the team spends more valuable time on operational tasks than supporting the management of HR strategically. That’s why investing in Justworks’ HR tools can be beneficial for your business.

With top-rated HR tools, your team can organize itself perfectly and effectively manage human resources. So, how do you pick the best software? Let’s find out more.

HR Software Tools

Several tools are simply non-negotiable when you’re after the best HR software. It’s advisable to always consider these tools before you can make the final choice, which include:

Keep in mind that human resources is always evolving and highly advanced. Top-rated HR systems offer all these tools and more. Think through the current technology shortfalls of your system.

What does it lack? Are you still depending on legacy solutions that only do basic tasks? Or can it support development and people strategies, well-being, and learning?

Can you be able to access comprehensive reporting across multiple and different areas? The moment you’ve got clarity on pain points, consider how they adversely affect your business. By doing so, you’ll be able to establish your business’s most fundamental needs and make sure a new solution prioritizes them.


An HR solution can be fully inclusive or standalone. Do you need a comprehensive system or have existing HR solutions such as database, payroll, or learning management set up independently?

Be upfront and clear with any possible software provider discussing work and integrations to deeply understand costs and options since they can vary massively.

Opting for a single system can allow you to scale up, sidestepping common pitfalls that originate from human errors like:

  • Data duplication
  • Inaccurate recordkeeping
  • Security breaches

Human resources departments are entering a new technology-driven world, managing new ways of working and undergoing digital transformations. In the current tech-driven world, complete oversight of processes and systems is non-negotiable.

System integration to offer oversight and clarity is vital to the success of human resources technology transformation. Many companies are increasing their digitization pace to help shift skills and boost workforce strategy as well as planning.

Data Security and Compliance

Data security and compliance are vital considerations when it comes to picking the right HR system. Safeguarding sensitive employee information and ensuring compliance with data protection laws and regulations is of utmost significance.

So, what should you evaluate? You need to consider if the HR system complies with relevant data protection regulations.

Make sure that the human resources system you pick complies with various data protection regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation. Compliance shows the software provider’s dedication to safeguarding personal data and avoiding reputational and legal risks.

Verify that your software of choice adheres to the relevant and necessary regulations and standards applicable to your industry and jurisdiction.

Software Provider Reliability and Reputation

Assessing the reputation and reliability of the software provider is important when it comes to picking an HR system. Picking a reliable and reputable provider ensures long-term satisfaction and a positive experience. Take into consideration these key questions:

  • How long has the software provider been in the HR industry?
  • Are there enough customer testimonials and reviews?
  • Does the provider have a roadmap for future software changes and enhancements?

The answers you’ll receive to these questions will show if the software provider is the right option for you.

Pricing and Licensing

You also need to consider the HR system’s pricing and licensing as these two aspects are crucial when it comes to selecting the right solution for your company. You’ll be able to get an HR solution that suits your requirements and budget.

Take into account these important questions when you’re discovering more about the pricing and licensing aspects of your HR system.

  • What is the pricing model?
  • Are there any extra or hidden expenses?
  • Are there any long-term commitments or contractual obligations?

How Can Justworks’ HR Tools Help Your Business?

Justworks makes your search for the best HR software easier and straightforward. The company provides a comprehensive platform for large, small, and medium-sized companies to manage their HR, compliance, benefits, and payroll needs.

Justworks simplifies HR-related task complexities by providing an all-inclusive solution that comes with retirement plans, health insurance, HR support, tax filings, payroll processing, and more.

The platform’s main aim is to streamline administrative tasks, providing businesses with the opportunity to focus on their core operations while, at the same time, ensuring compliance with labor and employment regulations.

Justworks features a subscription-based model, offering a user-friendly interface for users and workers to effectively manage onboarding, time tracking, payroll processing and many other HR-related functions.

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