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Kwedar & Co. appoints new director, boosting client services

"Director Appointment"
“Director Appointment”

Kwedar & Co., a prominent public relations and marketing firm in North Texas, has named D’Arla Tyler its new Director of Public Relations and Client Services. This key strategic move is designed to address increasing client needs in the region. Tyler will oversee all public relations and client services, showcasing the agency’s dedication to exceptional customer service.

Tyler is known for her formidable leadership and strategic talents, which will further elevate Kwedar & Co.’s standing in the fiercely competitive North Texas market. She will work towards enhancing the agency’s client service and leading groundbreaking PR strategies to keep Kwedar & Co. in the lead.

Tyler’s appointment demonstrates Kwedar & Co.’s eagerness to keep up with the growing regional demand. It signifies the agency’s adaptability and preparedness for future expansion. This is followed by a notable increase in demand for first-rate PR and marketing services in this area.

Lauren Kwedar Cockerell, founder and President of Kwedar & Co., underlines the agency’s commitment to helping clients sustain a powerful brand presence. The agency is adept at dealing with clients’ PR and communication challenges, allowing clients to concentrate on their primary operations.

Tyler’s appointment: enhancing Kwedar & Co.’s client services

Cockerell insists that a consistent, convincing brand narrative is essential in the digital age. Together with her seasoned team, they are committed to enhancing their clients’ public images and establishing a high standard in the industry.

Appointing D’Arla Tyler is integral to Kwedar & Co’s growth strategy. Cockerell considers Tyler as an asset who will substantially improve the client experience, benefiting key business performance areas and client outcomes. Tyler is expected to bring strategic insight and operational expertise to the company.

As Director of PR and client Services, Tyler will develop and implement personalized PR and branding strategies for clients. She will also manage meaningful client relationships, coordinate PR operations, and lead project teams. Her duties also include guiding the production of press releases, media communications, and initiatives in corporate social responsibility.

Tyler has 20 years of industry experience and a strong connection to the company. She started her career under respected PR executive Paige Hendricks, who also mentored Lauren Kwedar Cockerell. She is excited about her new role and intends to enhance the company’s value and contribute to its ongoing success. Tyler’s previous experience includes working as an independent contractor and for the Chamber of Commerce, which will contribute to her role at Kwedar & Co.

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