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Lionbridge integrates with Oracle for translation, content management

Lionbridge Technologies, the world’s largest language services provider, today announced a new content management systems connector to integrate with Oracle WebCenter Sites, allowing OWCS clients to manage multilingual content from their Oracle platform. The new offering is powered by Clay Tabletacquired by Lionbridge in October 2014 (it was previously a partner). Clay Tablet’s CMS connectors deliver Lionbridge’s multilingual content.

“Nothing is more personal than language,” Jason Hobart told me, when I had a chance to sit down with him at Adobe Summit earlier this month. That’s not just a thoughtful sentiment: When it comes to marketing, it’s understood that conversions are something like six times more likely when customers are addressed in their native language. It also helps if they can make purchases in their own currency, and enjoy an experience which is as culturally appropriate as possible.

Hobart is Lionbridge’s VP of Global Markets and Strategic Partnerships, and we were talking about which content management platforms Lionbridge connects with, and why. Lionbridge already integrates with Experience Manager in the Adobe marketing cloud, offering content lifecycle support, translation services, and workflow management. With Oracle and Adobe going head to head in the marketing cloud wars, the new announcement makes Lionbridge’s services available to businesses which have already adopted Oracle for their content strategy needs.

Although Lionbridge’s connectors are technically neutral with respect to platforms, Hobart explained that Lionbridge wasn’t interested in “all content platforms” but with “those deployed by companies we want to partner with.” The two main markets of interest are multinationals that want to maintain a relevant regional presence, but with local brand control, and large businesses which may not be multinational, but which market to a multilingual audience (companies in the hospitality and tourism sectors, for example).

Lionbridge also has “a strong opinion about which systems handle multilingual content well,” added Hobart.

The Waltham, Mass.-based company underwent a rapid evolution over the last through years, from being a provider of translation and interpretation service, to offering global but localized content management services, incorporating high-speed translation capabilities. It’s a specialist in a field which has historically been small, and should arguably be more competitive. 

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