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New Brand Campaign by Found and CōLab Shows Weight Loss is Not One-Size-Fits-All

New Brand Campaign by Found and CōLab

Found recognizes that people struggle with diets and fitness regimes that aren’t always right for them. The company is on a mission to help people achieve their weight loss goals by offering a personalized and more holistic program that provides guidance around eating and exercise habits, sleep schedule, and stress management but also prescription medication when needed.

Media hype and misinformation around the use of weight loss medications reached an all-time high this past year. Companies like Found have entered the discussion to reach people caught up in an unhealthy diet culture and show them a better way: a personalized approach that considers someone’s life and biology.

To bring awareness to their mission, Found partnered with CōLab, a creative studio reimagined for startups. Together, the teams launched a new brand campaign – “Not for Every Body – which features a 30-second video ad about weight loss fads that might work for some, but aren’t for everyone. The end result is humorous and relatable.

“Weight loss is already a stressful topic to talk about which is why we chose a direction infused with humor and playfulness,” said CōLab Executive Creative Director Salih Abdul-Karim. “We wanted to have a good laugh about all the eccentric things people do to shed those pounds, but in a down-to-earth way to emphasize that each of us is unique and special. Found is here to help people find the weight loss solution that’s right for them.”

As one of the largest medically-supported weight care clinics in the country, Found takes an evidence-based approach to helping over 200,000 members achieve a healthy and sustainable weight. The company designs personalized treatments around every factor that make people unique, including their biology, medical history and current lifestyle. People interested in the Found program must complete a survey on the Found website with questions about their goals before being offered a membership path.

Sarah Jones Simmer, the CEO at Found, explains, “Most people don’t fail at losing weight, the weight loss industry fails them. A one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss won’t work. In other areas of healthcare, we recognize that treatment needs to be tailored to the individual. We’re living through an era where the role of medication in a weight loss journey is increasingly understood and accepted – and that’s something we want to celebrate. In parallel, we need to recognize that each individual’s journey is unique and the tools that work for some – whether that’s certain nutrition regimes, movement routines, or medications – won’t work for everyone. Found’s comprehensive, clinician-designed program incorporates medication interventions when appropriate, as well as guidance around lifestyle change, equipping members with the tools they need to take control of their weight and health.”

The “Not for Every Body” brand campaign is rooted in a simple insight: no single diet works for everyone. “We’ve all tried diets or exercise programs that just don’t fit,” said CōLab Managing Director Brian Wakabayashi. “Found is different. They personalize the program around your individual biology. Our strategy with the campaign was to tell that simple story in a relatable way.”

The brand campaign launched in early October in select U.S. markets, with digital ad units running across several platforms, including Roku, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, The Trade Desk and Nextdoor, as well as podcasts and streaming audio on Pandora. It is currently slated to run through the week of November 19.

The campaign was brought to life by a group of partners. In addition to working with CōLab, Found worked with media agency Media by Mother and creative production company Near Future. List of credits:


  • Brian Wakabayashi, Managing Director and Head of Strategy
  • Maria Hwang, VP, Growth Marketing
  • Diane Chour, VP, Growth Marketing
  • Michelle Ha, Operations Director
  • Salih Abdul-Karim, Executive Creative Director
  • Yu Rong, Product Design Lead
  • Kyle Macy, Brand Design Lead
  • Ben Chute, Product and Insights Lead
  • Sadhika Johnson, Intelligence Lead
  • Leejay Abucayan, Principal Presentation Designer
  • Erick Kwiecien, Producer
  • Vero Maldonado, Copywriter/Content Strategy Lead
  • Chris Callahan, Brand Strategy Director
  • Andy Holdeman, Copywriter
  • David Roth, Copywriter


  • Sarah Jones Simmer, CEO
  • Sean Lopano, Creative Director
  • Elizabeth Fuller, Brand Marketing

Media by Mother

  • Tara Grimes, Director of Planning
  • Bana Amare, Director of Activation
  • Victoria Fortnum, Head of Project Management
  • David Gaines, CEO

Near Future

  • Jason Jurgens, Executive Producer/Creative Director
  • James Locke, Executive Producer/Creative Director
  • Erin Stevens, Lead Producer
  • Chris Miller, Producer, Video
  • Christine Busby, Producer, Photography
  • Adam Young, Production Manager
  • Holly Fischer, Post Producer
  • Amber Ceccola, Copywriter
  • Sam Merrigan, Designer


  • Roger Kisby, Photographer
  • Brian Kendall, Assistant Director
  • Deb Dapalito, Props / Wardrobe Stylist
  • Danielle Calodney, Director
  • Stacy Toyama, Director of Photography
  • Chris Galdes, Gaffer
  • Todd Stoneman, Key Grip
  • Jackie Scott, Production Designer
  • Anya Zebroski,  Wardrobe Stylist


  • Danielle Calodney, Director
  • Stacy Toyama, Director of Photography
  • Chris Galdes, Gaffer
  • Todd Stoneman, Key Grip
  • Jackie Scott, Production Designer
  • Anya Zebroski, Wardrobe Stylist
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