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10 Best Salesforce Integrations to Boost Your Business Conversions

Salesforce integrations can help companies to boost their sales, customer service, and marketing efforts. But which is the right one for you?
Salesforce integrations can help companies to boost their sales, customer service, and marketing efforts. But which is the right one for you?

Currently, multiple organizations in different industries around the world use varying technologies to optimize their businesses and reach. Likewise, one of the most suitable options for many companies are various Salesforce integrations.

Salesforce recorded annual revenue of approximately $21.25 billion USD alone in 2021. Additionally, the platform is a powerful medium with multiple modules and tools that boosts customer reach, conversions, and profit growth.

In addition, there are multiple Salesforce integrations available that companies can utilize to boost further their sales, customer service, and marketing efforts. Statistically, there are over 150,000 companies that utilize salesforce integration for B2B improvement. Below, you’ll learn more about the benefits of the multiple integrations available. Likewise, you can understand which would suit your requirements best.

What is the meaning of “Salesforce integration?”

Salesforce integration essentially means the process of combining two or multiple systems to streamline different business processes.

For example, professionals often need the same data or technology stack during business operations in different parts of their processes.

In the same vein, with Salesforce integration tools, it becomes easier for experts to manage multiple levels of data through diverse business processes and systems cohesively.

What is the importance of integration in business operations?

Currently, businesses are running on digitized solutions. Companies use technological solutions to increase performance and operational efficiency properly.

Therefore, it is important to provide relevant and new benefits that meet customer requirements accurately.

As a result, there is a higher need for a comprehensive system with integrated functions and features that run in a streamlined manner. Similarly, this assures faster results and robust business conversion rates.

Here are some reasons to use Salesforce integrations for B2B companies.

Many of the B2B industry companies utilize Salesforce integrations to meet their sales, marketing, and customer retention/acquisition demands. The cloud-based tools under Salesforce are suitable for increasing business performance levels and efficiency. The main reasons for this usage are as follows.

  • Simple Usability: With Salesforce integrations, your platforms and systems would become connected and work cohesively. After that, you can focus on boosting your business with pre-built integrations for service and data management quickly.
  • Better Productivity: Statistically, the productivity level of a company can increase by 34% with the correct CRM integration. Here, new profits would automatically get added when companies get new contracts or leaders. Moreover, this would automate the marketing process and improve targeted interaction for companies. Furthermore, this would improve total conversion rates.
  • Higher Visibility: With the best Salesforce integration, companies can check their business analytics in real-time and make quick changes, to increase visibility.
  • Better Inter-Team Communication: A reliable CRM tool assures better information and data exchange inside the company as well. Likewise, this benefits in streamlining the production process in real-time as all professionals can share the latest information faster. After that, they can take quick actions to improve customer service.

What are integrations are available with Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the leading CRM service providers that offer multiple integrations for companies to optimize and meet their marketing, sales, and consumer acquisition goals. There are many parts of Salesforce services that earn high profits. Statistically, the Sales Cloud version under Salesforce gets around $5.19 billion USD in fees yearly.

As a result, multiple integrations and applications are available under Salesforce that consistently grows and adapts for B2B sales and marketing improvement. Consult a reliable salesforce development company to integrate the best solution for your firm.


One of the best Salesforce automation solutions with high versatility is Pardot. This integration is suitable for improving the marketing automation (B2B) of the CRM platform. With this integration, teams in companies can easily access all necessary information for lead generation and interaction in one location. After that, they can handle faster and better-quality inbound conversions. Benefits include:

  • Understand ROI-centric steps at every click.
  • Better personalized campaigns for user engagement.
  • Faster lead generation.


Another suitable Salesforce integration is offered by Mulesoft. Companies can offer smoother and better customer experiences to their clients through these integrations across different channels. As a result, you can integrate Point of Sale (POS) systems, ERP initiatives, and more for better information exchange. In other words, it is best for companies with older legacy systems or big enterprises dealing with many systems. Benefits include:

  • Zero data loss during legacy system integration.
  • Automated communications and data sync.
  • Reduced human-based data input errors during interactions.


This is one of the best Salesforce integrations that securely sync all data from your Covideo account into your Salesforce account. The pricing of using this platform is relatively reasonable per month, while companies can choose the custom pricing option. Additionally, this integration is suitable for checking the video marketing initiatives of companies. Benefits include:

  • Detailed marketing insights.
  • Record and transfer video-based email content to customers and prospects.
  • Track opened/sent emails, video views, and CTA clicks on Salesforce.

Zoho Forms

This particular integration of Salesforce allows professionals to sync their data automatically for different content creation. As a result, you can use it to prepare surveys, forms, and data-driven notes smoothly and without excess steps within Salesforce. For example, this would save the team time from using multiple tools to create diverse data-centric content types and focus on lead generation primarily. Benefits include:

  • Trigger setting for automated actions in forms.
  • Webform information is pushed to Salesforce.
  • Create web-to-lead forms easily for faster marketing and customer engagement.


With Talkdesk, B2B company officials get access to the cloud-centric contact center while running their Salesforce initiatives. Therefore, this improves the company’s customer service quality and simplifies the process of agent-customer interaction. Additionally, it is suitable for managing all customer service agents in one location. Benefits include:

  • Communication through SMS and voice integrated channels.
  • Automated messaging and outbound called ID.
  • Intelligent communication routing for correct customer-agent connection.


With the Cloudingo Salesforce integration, B2B companies get better data management resources. Excess data availability is an issue for many companies, and they often deal with repetitive data. Cloudingo is useful here to declutter the available information for easier searching. Likewise, it also combines any duplicate data to avoid repetition. Benefits include:

  • Reduced information inconsistency, duplication issues, human errors, or data decay.
  • More straightforward import relevant data and handle mass updates, lead conversion, data migration, and record deletion.
  • Create customizable data filters.


This is an easy-to-use platform for marketing automation that companies get access to through Salesforce automation. Additionally, it is suitable for syncing all data automatically between the marketing automation system and CRM platform without any data loss. Therefore, while creating the strategies for inbound sales, company officials can get all relevant data in one spot with this application. Benefits include:

  • Real-time analytics and reporting.
  • Bidirectional syncing of users, accounts, leads, opportunities, contacts, etc.
  • Automated sales and marketing.


DocuSign is an effective Salesforce integration that allows users to create agreements and documents securely on one platform. Additionally, not only is it helpful in preparing custom agreements and managing the data, but it also works to save necessary payment details. Benefits include:

  • Create and save agreements using customizable fields, pre-set templates, and Salesforce contacts.
  • Track, sign, and send documents from connected devices.
  • Secure payment information collection and saving.


Groove is a good Salesforce integration for quick access to different client information at hand. As a result, you can access extra contact details of users from Salesforce in the sidebar with the email inbox. So, you would get the correct contact information with easy access. Benefits include:

  • Native integration with streamlines sales workflow, email, and calendar.
  • Multi-channel automation of campaigns.
  • Real-time data sync of the calendar/email with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.


This is one of the least costly Salesforce integrations available with high-quality benefits. Therefore, B2B brands can keep information about user feedback in one location inside the platforms. Similarly, use this to gather and manage all necessary customer responses and analyze the data securely to plan proper ROI-boosting sales strategies. Benefits include:

  • Create customized surveys.
  • Use pre-built templates or survey questions.
  • Map the responses for insights for final reporting.


With the best Salesforce integration solutions and the right development partner, you can highly improve your business reach and customer engagement rate.

First, take the time to understand the benefits of each version to decide how they would work with your company. After that, personalize the right solution for your business. As a result, you’re likely to notice a high ROI boost.

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