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SEO ranking drops linked to minor page changes

"Ranking Drops"
“Ranking Drops”

A Reddit post detailing significant ranking fluctuations on a website has stirred discussions among the SEO community. The website owner discovered that alterations in just ten out of their 20,000 pages resulted in severe ranking issues in both September 2023 and May 2024.

SEO experts on the platform highlighted the domino effect minor changes can have on a website’s overall rankings. They advised a comprehensive SEO audit to pinpoint and address potential problems.

The incident highlighted the weight each page carries in overall search engine performance. Given the timeline of the drops encountered, arguments were also made that these fluctuations could be attributed to search engine algorithm changes.

The website owner was also urged to examine the quality of inbound links, particularly those directed towards the ten problematic pages.

Examining SEO dips from minor page edits

Many were reminded that SEO is a long game, and occasional ranking fluctuations, although stressful, are part of the journey.

The owner suggested recent Google algorithm changes or a site-wide penalty triggered by poor customer abuse handling could be causing the drops. They highlighted the urgent need for a review of current SEO strategies, possibly with the support of an SEO specialist.

Google’s John Mueller urged caution in determining the causes of ranking drops. He indicated that changes in how algorithms understand search queries could be causing the fluctuations more so than web page issues.

Community discussions also stressed the importance of authenticity and adherence to guidelines on platforms such as Reddit. Misusing these platforms could lead to mistrust and harm the brand’s reputation and prospects.

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