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Syracuse businesses remain optimistic amid hotel conversion

Optimistic Conversion
Optimistic Conversion

Despite the impending transformation of the Crowne Plaza Hotel into residential apartments, Syracuse businesses remain optimistic about continued tourism, driven by the city’s consistent appeal based on cultural attractions, historic landmarks, and popular events. These entrepreneurs are prepared to adapt to the changing landscape and anticipate a positive impact on the local economy.

Nicole Brown, a local business owner, underscores tourism’s significance to Syracuse’s economy. She speaks of the city’s vibrant blend of cultural heritage, academic institutions, and ongoing development in attracting diverse visitors, fueling growth and prosperity for local businesses like hers.

Data from 2022 displayed that more than 52,000 hotel room bookings in Onondaga County ushered in about $25 million, critically supporting the local economy. A notable 47% increase from the previous year also played a major part in augmenting the county’s employment rate by 3%. Successful promotional campaigns for tourism and enhancements in local amenities fostered this upward trend.

The boosted economy, in turn, enhanced the local community, with the additional revenue re-invested.

Syracuse’s resilient optimism despite hotel transformation

Local leaders and authorities are presently devising plans to maintain, and possibly elevate this growth, indicating promising prospects for Onondaga County’s future.

Despite the potential challenges posed by the Crowne Plaza’s conversion into apartments, local businesses remain optimistic. Some perceive the change as an opportunity, considering the city’s vibrant community and array of attractors — the thriving eatery scene, enticing shops, and entertainment avenues. Local businesses anticipate a surge in permanent residents and are confident of the city’s continued appeal to tourists.

The local authorities have greenlighted the conversion of Crowne Plaza into an apartment complex and are considering building a new hotel for the OnCenter. The adaptation of this hotel into a residential space is expected to revitalize the locality and open a realm of opportunities. Meanwhile, plans are being discussed for a new hotel to respond to OnCenter’s needs, which is a significant step towards maintaining visitor appeal and facilitating economic growth.

Michael Heagerty, a supporter of small businesses, sees tourism as a community unifier and an instrument to showcase the best of Syracuse and Central New York. He emphasizes the importance of supporting local businesses and continually marketing Central New York as a prime tourism destination, which he believes can create jobs for locals and provide an additional income stream to the state.

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