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The Power of Trends: Riding the Wave to Boost TikTok Views

Boost TikTok Views

While scrolling TikTok’s newsroom, we learned that small businesses are moving towards TikTok as a marketing strategy. What a fantastic shift, we must say! But what stimulated this shift to boost TikTok views? Of course, the consumer behavior. Nowadays, a significant number of internet users are on TikTok. You will find people from every age or walk of life addicted to it. Scrolling reel is a habit that came with the popularity of TikTok.

Who would have thought kids create content and earn money? Double of what a doctor or engineer earns! They are influencers; they get a product (a toy), make unboxing videos, and review them for views. Even they know that to get money on TikTok, you need views, just like YouTube or other social media platforms. How do these content creators or influencers get views? By creating trendy content. Learn from them!

Every TikTok marketing hack you read or when you start to learn how to get views on TikTok will tell you to follow trends. Every book on marketing you read will tell you to follow what is in. “Trending” is the modern way of saying “in-demand.”  Having a huge view count declares your social standing; having views on TikTok means having food on your plate. People in desperate need are willing to buy cheap TikTok views because this is their source of income.

As a business owner, you need to put more effort into creating content that gives you views not only for earnings but also to get the attention of your buyers.

Following what is in demand by the public is the basic principle of marketing. These trends come briefly; people talk about them, absorb as much as possible from them, and then eventually move on to something else. It is just like a wave of fashion; for example, when the fashion of baggy pants came in the 1990s, every company jumped on the bandwagon and followed the trend. However, Levi’s, a popular brand, refused to follow the trend and faced a 15% drop in sales.

The power of trends can be seen from the day marketing was born. Now is the age of social media, where each social media platform has its trends. TikTok comes sixth in the list of most popular social networks worldwide. However, around 150 million US citizens use TikTok just like other apps. Woah! That‘s a huge number, though. That means 150 million people might be a part of the TikTok trend in some way or another.

It doesn’t matter for what purpose you are using it; you are promoting a trend. Whether for entertaining yourself with multiple videos or doing the trending TikTok challenges, you are part of it. Now you know how using TikTok in one way or another makes you a part of a more significant trend. You also know why businesses should join it and try to blend in.

But why should you care about views? Views are not just people viewing your videos. It is about people finding it worthy enough to spend time on it. When TikTok algorithms see that your content is being viewed by people it will keep it on the top. Top means the “Discover Page” on TikTok. Do you see where we are going? Yes, to the connection.

What is the content that is viewed the most? A trending content. Exactly my friend, when you follow trends in your TikTok videos you give people a reason to view your content. It shows them that you are updated with the latest challenges, music, or products on TikTok. For example, Dua Lipa’s Levitating is quite popular and every other creator is using it in their videos. You as a marketer of your business might use it as background music in your videos.

Boost TikTok Views trends

The TikTok algorithm will catch a hint of the trend from your video’s music and show it on the top of the Discover page. Hence, giving your business a possibility to get more visibility. These algorithms chase trends so TikTok users are surfing the wave for views.

Professional marketing agencies know this trick. They use such tactics to get sales for their clients. They first research the target audience and see what type of TikTok challenges are they watching. Then they make videos of that challenge to optimize their content with the trends. They know following the trend will increase their chance of showing on the “For You” page. Once their TikTok video is on the “For You” page they can reach a broader audience.

Increasing the view count while following the trend is all TikTok creators and marketers want.

How To Boost TikTok Views

How To Boost TikTok Views?

Are you still wondering if you should be on TikTok or not? I would suggest making a TikTok account now and see for yourself. For your business or personal reasons, TikTok is the best way to entertain yourself while making some bucks. The “making some bucks” part can be a little tricky though.

It’s not like you make mere videos and it will rain money. The trick is to get views on your account. Let me tell you the secret sauce that all professional marketers or creators use to make their videos stand out.

Create Mind-Blowing Captions

It literally has to be mind-blowing. Writing creative captions is an art that not everyone is capable of. People often use Chatgpt to create captions but let me tell you that is not going to work. You might have heard a lot of “ Be You!” Yes, be natural, and keep your captions natural. A caption is a part of your TikTok content and it is a way to start a convo with your audience. For example, if you are posting a video of your morning walk don’t caption it with something like “Morning routine.” Instead, you can be creative and write “Morning walk hits different in adulthood! #GoodMorining #Adulthoodfail.” This is subtle and short, but engaging enough!

Keep Your Hashtag Game Strong

Hashtags are the best way to connect your topic with your audience. It is like pinning your content for a specific keyword on the board. Use creative hashtags The TikTok community uses hashtags very much. It is like a short caption with loads of hashtags.

They are an excellent component of your content, much like captions are. Make sure you use hashtags with a large number of followers because people follow hashtags that give them new content to watch. The hashtags #foryou or #foryoupage are frequently seen you can also use them in your own videos. But why do people use it? To make their content appear on the top of the page for discoverability.

Dance Like Noone’s Watching (Because They Will!)

Videos or challenges that involve dance get more views. We all know the most viral TikTok videos are of someone dancing because it is what other users enjoy. But we do know that dancing is not everyone’s cup of tea. A few months back the Renegade dance was quite popular on TikTok and everyone was trying it. If you know the moves in Renegade are not that easy. So, how did a non-dancer take part in this trend? He or she uploaded their fun videos like bloopers. Those bloopers took the TikTok more than the original dance videos.

Collab With Others 

TikTokers do collaborate with other TikTokers and even with brands to promote their content or make videos for or with them. You can team up with such TikTokers or brands to give your audience something different to watch. They might have gotten bored by watching your daily! Lol! In fact, brands will pay you to promote or show their products in your videos. And you get views, too.

Go With The Trend

We have talked so much about trends in the earlier sections that the word ‘trend’ seems overused now. At least to me, it seems overused. Yet, again, FOMO is a thing and you don’t want your viewers to feel it. That’s why I recommend you to go with the trending topics. But whenever you follow the latest trends don’t forget to make it natural by adding your personal idea.

Keep On Posting

TikTok like any other platform looks for accounts that are consistent. Consistency means you are using the platform so why won’t the platform will benefit you? Every platform wants to be used that’s why TikTok honors the creators by keeping them on top. Post once a month, twice a week, or even more to stay in the system.

How To Get More Views On TikTok Videos?

Let’s face it, everybody wants to be seen on TikTok, and we mean EVERYBODY. We want people to notice what we’re doing, take interest and even just leave a view because that’s encouraging enough to keep us going. But there are times when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. You’ve tried all the antics and the views are still not budging. Sounds like your situation?

It’s very easy to solve this rut. Most of you might know at this point that TikTok has very specific algorithms. These are the ones that are really deciding the fate of your video. If you know how to get the attention of the algorithm, you’ve solved the equation!

How To Make Your Video Engaging on TikTok?

If you’re on TikTok, it’s virtually impossible to miss one of those Reddit stories that come on your FYP. This is a faceless channel, and TikTok is filled with these. But how do these channels talk to their viewers? And why do people come back to these videos for more?

It’s very simple. Start with the first three seconds of your video. These seconds are the ones deciding your fate, so make it snappy, make it memorable, and make it a head-turner. Try to reply to some of the comments on your TikTok. Now we know the comment section can be a nightmare sometimes but replying to one or two of them keeps the viewer interested.

Besides, make your content unique and interactive to go viral. Ask questions to your audience or ask them to make a duet with your video. If you share a quick workout routine, ask viewers to show their version.

Making your content visually appealing is the first step when you learn how to increase views on TikTok. You need to pay attention to your video’s aesthetics, lighting, framing, and colors.

Adding Call To Action In Your Marketing Videos

If you’re a marketer who’s using TikTok to reach customers, first of all, you’re the smartest person on the planet. TikTok marketing is THE craze at the moment and it’s not about to go down soon. But there’s one thing that can make your TikTok marketing a real hit or miss; the Call to Action.

You know it’s a serious thing when even TikTok themselves start recommending marketers add CTAs in their ads. If someone saw your ad for a summer collection on your brand and you didn’t have any CTA, the viewer will not even think twice before scrolling your ad away. Why? Because you didn’t provide them with that last bit of encouragement to make the final decision and complete the sale.

Use on-screen text and graphics as much as you can to make the ad easy to skim through. If it’s a limited-time offer, why not add a button for “Act Now” or “Limited Stock – Shop Today!” Create that feeling of urgency in the reader and they will follow in.

For TikTok or Instagram, utilize features like polls, quizzes, or swipe-up options so the viewer can interact with the CTA. Nobody can resist a good poll or short quiz on trending topics, whether it’s about Hailey Bieber’s new makeup line or Selena Gomez’s new beau.

In the end, it’s about making your viewers happy and satisfied with your content. Don’t lose this vision or you lose everything.

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