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Top Tips To Create an Attractive, Successful Website in 2024

Top Tips To Create an Attractive Website in 2024

Do you remember the first time you saw a successful website? Likely, the text was small, the colors were bold, and there may have been some jolty images. In 2024, a successful website is not so simple to spot, as seemingly every website online has high-definition images, seamless transition between pages, and is linked to social media accounts.

Indeed, in 2024, what makes a successful/attractive website is crucial to know, as it gives you a head start in the market, irrespective of the area you are in. So, here are some top tips to create an attractive website to grow your business in 2024.

Logical Layout

There are two reasons why you will want a website that has a logical layout. The first is so that people who are using the site can find what they are looking for easily, and the second is to appeal to search engine bots. Crawlers and website bots are not big fans of layouts that aren’t logical and can lower your page’s SEO if they spot this.

So, with the help of a professional marketing team, such as clickintelligence.co.uk, you can create a logical layout that fits your brand, without having to compromise on the appearance of the page.

Softer Colors

Coming back to colors, as mentioned in the intro, many of the most successful websites have a softer palette. That is, the colors used tend to be better paired across websites, such as bright whites, light greys and pale blues, or reds, oranges and beiges.

This is more of an aesthetic choice, but having softer hues as opposed to more saturated ones can help make your website look more professional.

Virtual Assistants

To have an attractive website in 2024, you are going to want to invest in customer service. Granted, this may not be available in the form of 24/7 online tech support but, you can offer website visitors the help of virtual assistants.

Studies have found that websites that have virtual assistants are considered more appealing to website users and, as mentioned before, if something can be added to a site to improve SEO, then it should be done! So, talk to your marketing team about which virtual assistant would be the most suitable for your website.

Movement (without going overboard!)

There is an episode of the Simpsons where Homer creates a website that is full of moving animations, making it appear loud and irritating. Rather than opt for that idea, in 2024, movement can be added to a homepage to smooth a transition and to keep your website users’ attention. For this to be effective, you will need to ensure that any movements or animations do not slow down the page loading time, which can be overseen by a marketing team who have expertise in creating websites.


When designing a website, you need to think about shapes and how they can play a role in your website design. Circles make an online space seem more child-friendly, squares are more professional, and hexagons make something appear more digital. So, invest in website designers who can match website shapes and patterns to your brand, ensuring that they use them for frame headings, to surround images, products, and, of course, any calls to action on your page. Try to only use one shape, though, as too many can be confusing and messy!

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