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Transgender designer infuses identity into acclaimed work

"Transgender Designer"
“Transgender Designer”

Renowned designer Joey Zeledón has combined his experience in the design field with his personal journey as a transgender individual. Over the last year, his transparency about his identity and his acclaimed work with top brands have been visible on social media.

Zeledón uses his personal experiences to give depth to his designs, producing a unique blend of authenticity and craftsmanship. He compares the transformation process in design and changing one’s identity, implying that both involve altering appearances, structures, and narratives.

He emphasizes the critical role language plays in these transformative processes and how ideas can come from words that foster unique thoughts. His gender identity exploration has its roots in this same methodology. Zeledón uses language and ideas to bring forth a nuanced perspective on gender identity, giving his designs a sense of depth and complexity.

Infusing identity into innovative design

Terms such as non-binary, gender-fluid, and trans-femme, have had a massive influence on Zeledón. These terms have made a significant impact on his self-view and have led to a crucial stage in his acceptance of his transgender identity.

He also explores how the process of enacting identity ties design and the transgender experience together. Similar to how designers make narratives come to life using forms, colors, and materials, Zeledón blends feminine and masculine traits to represent his fluid gender identity.

The insights he has gathered from his professional life have been applied in his journey of self-expression. He continually transforms, similar to a toaster, indicating how design can change everyday experiences. This unique perspective continues to influence his remarkable contributions to the design field and aids his journey towards self-understanding.

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