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Trump campaign refreshes logo, launches fundraising

Logo Refresh
Logo Refresh

Donald Trump’s campaign organization recently made substantial changes to its logo and communication strategy, shifting away from the traditional patriotic colors to a more streamlined black and white theme. The change intends to create a stronger impression, resonating with diverse demographics and signifying power and strength.

[Image Credit: Trump Website 2024]
The updated logo incorporates a new slogan, “Never Surrender!”, replacing “Make America Great Again!”. Unlike the previous Gotham typeface, the new tagline has been set in font Akzidenz-Grotesk Extended, offering a more modern and clean look without compromising its assertiveness. This shift seek to provide greater brand recognition, with new brand guidelines ensuring consistency across all mediums.

The release of the renewed logo was synchronized with a fundraising email, circulated on the same day as a virtual meeting between Trump and a New York probation officer.

Logo transformation and fundraising in Trump’s campaign

As part of the unveiling, a fundraising effort was also kicked off, underscoring the logo’s importance and integration into the campaign.

The change in the logo is interpreted as a sign of Trump’s unyielding dedication to his politics of grievance, echoing past campaign narratives, particularly his claims of being subjected to a “witch hunt”. He perceives his conviction not as a humiliation, but as proof of a biased system.

The campaign has leveraged the new logo for fundraising efforts, selling merchandise such as a $40 black MAGA hat and a $27 black T-shirt featuring the new slogan. According to the campaign’s e-commerce platform, 90% of the funds raised go toward campaign activities, with the remaining 10% donated to the Republican National Committee.

Even with the new logo’s introduction, the campaign’s website primarily showcases the original “Make America Great Again!” emblem. This suggests that the shift is not so much a comprehensive rebranding, but a strategic move to emphasize Trump’s determination to make his legal challenges a centerpiece of his campaign.

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