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Uber integrates media purchases into Journey Ads

"Uber Journey Ads"
“Uber Journey Ads”

Uber’s latest update to its app sees the integration of programme media purchases into in-app advertising. As part of its advertising platform, Journey Ads, this move aims at creating a more personalised and seamless experience for users.

Advertisements are now directly integrated into the Uber rides app, allowing for a more targeted advertising experience. Journey Ads, launched in 2022, is a unique advertising platform, designed specifically for Uber. It supports features such as video and display ads, demographic targeting and campaign tracking, offering advertisers with a flexible and granular approach to their ad targeting and effectiveness tracking.

In order to streamline programmatic buying within the platform, Uber has teamed up with Google’s Ad Exchange and various Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) including Google’s Display & Video 360, The Trade Desk, and Yahoo DSP.

Integrating media purchases in Uber’s Journey Ads

This strategic partnership enables Uber to leverage the power of programmatic advertising technology, enhancing the efficiency and precision of its marketing campaigns, and offering marketers greater control over their digital campaigns.

Uber’s strategy also involves drawing upon first-party data, helping advertisers reach users with greater purchase intent efficiency. The data collected from riders allows Uber to offer users customised ad experiences according to their purchase power and intent, benefiting both the business and advertisers. Uber is known to be popular among a younger, wealthier audience, thus representing a prime advertising opportunity for businesses.

The general manager of Rider Ads at Uber Advertising, Jillian Kranz, states that the Journey Ads platform has shown increased user favourability and purchase intent, due to greater visibility and customer loyalty. The platform has enabled advertisers to better tailor their campaigns, thus reaching their target audience more efficaciously and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Uber collaborates with multiple research and measurement vendors in the ad industry, such as Kantar and AWS Clean Rooms, in order to ensure genuine ad purchases and effective performance measurement. These steps ensure Uber’s commitment to creating a safer, and more accountable ad environment for its potential advertisers.

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