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Uber introduces programmatic media buying for in-app ads

Programmatic Media
Programmatic Media

Uber has introduced a new initiative that allows marketers to drive programmatic media buying on its in-app Journey Ads platform. Launched in 2022, the platform offers a variety of tools for evaluating ad campaign effectiveness, marking a significant shift in Uber’s approach to advertising.

Moving from traditional manual ad buying processes to automated ones, this platform fosters enhanced engagement, increased visibility, and more effective target reach for advertisers. The Journey Ads platform offers a variety of dashboards, helping advertisers monitor performance and manage campaigns effectively.

Uber has also partnered with various reputable demand side platforms like Google’s Ad Exchange, Google’s Display & Video 360, The Trade Desk, and Yahoo DSP. This collaboration enables programmatic buyers globally to purchase inventory within the Uber Rides app via their chosen DSP.

Uber uses in-house historical data from Uber Rides and Uber Eats to target high-intent users, supporting advertisers in reaching their target audience.

Uber’s shift to programmatic in-app advertising

Anticipated results from an upcoming Magna study reveal that ads capture the attention of a stunning 80% of users.

Rider Ads at Uber Advertising’s General Manager, Jillian Kranz, spoke about the effectiveness of Journey Ads, revealing many brands have benefitted from successful campaign outcomes since the platform’s inception. She emphasized that the ads, utilizing real-time data and advanced algorithms, provide personalized ad experiences, particularly appealing to passengers.

Kranz further explained how Journey Ads could revolutionize the way brands reach customers. Instead of traditional advertising, brands can now curate and tailor messaging in real-time based on riders’ routes and destinations.

To assure the legitimacy of each ad purchase and precisely evaluate their efficacy, Uber collaborates with top-tier measurement and research providers like Kantar, DoubleVerify, and AWS Clean Rooms. These partnerships ensure the credibility of ad purchases and enable Uber to optimize their advertising strategies.

Megan Pagliuca, Chief Activation Officer at Omnicom Media Group, praised Uber’s commendable targeting capabilities and unique insights. She further acknowledged that incorporating their Omni audiences into Journey Ads through programmatic means marked a significant progression in their alliance with Uber.

With these new strategies, Uber continues to uphold its commitment to transparency and accountability, ensuring that each investment in advertising brings about meaningful and positive results.

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