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Wave Media Agency enhances sports organizations’ social media engagement

Wave Engagement
Wave Engagement

In a recent development, Wave Media Agency has announced a campaign that focuses on redefining social media interaction for sports organizations. This initiative represents a partnership between renowned bodies like Los Angeles Clippers, CONCACAF, Serie A USA, and Combate Global. The campaign aims to shift the focus from sheer follower counts towards more meaningful content and interactions.

The advent of this campaign recognizes the rising influence of sports content companies over individual sports personalities on social media. Despite the massive following of sports giants like Cristiano Ronaldo, sports media corporations like ESPN are garnering more reach and engagement. The trend leans towards the broader engagement capacity of companies over individual stars, changing the landscape of sports media.

Wave Media Agency, formed by digital sports media company Wave Sports + Entertainment, aims to help sports firms better utilize their intellectual property assets in these changing times.

Enhancing social media engagement in sports organizations

Offering services like content creation, marketing assistance, and audience engagement strategies, Wave helps these organizations navigate and capitalize on the digital ecosystem.

Since its launch in 2017, Wave has captivated over 130 million followers through its varied sports-themed content. Its channels, such as Jukes, Haymakers, and Buckets, have gained significant traction among the Gen Z audience with short-form videos. With other channels like Blitz, FanDuel, and Gridiron, Wave extends its reach further, appealing to a diverse range of sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Under the leadership of CEO Brian Verne, Wave has also managed third-party accounts, garnering over a billion views across different social media platforms. Collaborations with FIBA Next Gen Hoops, Tennis Channel, and more have been revealed. The aim is not just to grow and retain followers but to turn social media into a steady revenue-generating outlet. Verne expressed that this campaign represents seven years of effort and provides a unique opportunity for sports properties to captivate, engage, and monetize the upcoming generation of fans.

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