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How to Create a Webinar That Engages and Converts in 8 Steps

You can create an engaging webinar that gets you a high conversion rate by using these eight tips and tricks. Convert and retain audiences.
You can create an engaging webinar that gets you a high conversion rate by using these eight tips and tricks. Convert and retain audiences.

Planning an upcoming webinar promotion can be quite tricky. You need to think about what you’ll wear, what you’ll talk about, what the audience might ask, etc. There are a ton of things that can happen unexpectedly. Some are even related to technology.

That’s why preparation is necessary before you begin your virtual meeting. Below, we discuss what you can do to create a webinar that engages and converts. Here are seven steps you should take.

1. Save your webinars.

Before you start any preparation for your live stream, make sure that you’re equipped with the software you’ll use to record the webinar.

There are four major benefits to recording and reviewing your webinars.

  • Promotional Use: You can use the webinars you save for promotion. It’s wise to use a video editor to remove unnecessary moments and add bright transitions to make it more dynamic. These are all things you can do in the native iMovie app, iMovie alternative, or in any video editor at all.
  • Structural Improvements: When reviewing your previous webinar, you can see which parts should stay and which ones should go. This is going to make your webinar cut to the chase.
  • Appearance Improvements: You can look at what you looked like during the webinar and see if you think you can do well. This is more than just looks. It’s about the lighting and the environment as well.
  • Increased Predictability: It’s good to always expect the unexpected. Write the most common questions from your previous webinars and answer them, so you’d be prepared next time.

2. Discuss and converse.

It’s important to appear a conversationalist and a type that’s always open for discussion.

Sitting in front of the camera, speaking about something for over five minutes, and expecting someone to listen and focus is probably not going to happen.

However, this is the case with most webinars, and these probably don’t generate leads.

The webinar you host shouldn’t look like a virtual meeting. It should stand out. You can do it by asking your audience engaging questions and discussing different things with them.

3. Highlight your personality.

When you create a webinar on something, it’s obvious that the people registered for it think you’re credible. So instead of presenting yourself as someone who is an authority on the subject, start with presenting your personality.

This is a brilliant strategy for building your brand identity. Add phrases or words that are specific to you and make you recognizable. Also, make sure that you say enjoyable things and show people you like what you do.

This speaks not only for you as a presenter, but it also makes you more trustworthy.

The more webinars you host, the more you build your brand, and that’s why it’s important to emphasize your personality.

4. Imagine yourself in the audience.

Imagine you’re the one on Zoom, and you’re looking at the presenter. What would you think? What would you ask yourself during the presentation or Q&A?

Sometimes it’s quite hard to do this, but you need to do it.

This will make you feel you’re not hosting the webinar, but an active participant of the audience. You can come up with questions you would ask yourself. You can think about things you’d say to generate leads.

Also, by imagining yourself as an active participant in your audience, you can steer the discussion and even ask questions some participants might not come up with. Try to avoid hot air.

5. Be punctual.

When you do something, make sure you do it on time. Being punctual can only boost the popularity of your webinar.

Imagine the key speaker being late for a virtual meeting. We all have something to do rather than stare at an empty background. Here are reasons to never be late:

  • Disrespect: When you don’t show up on time, you immediately disrespect others. This will surely result in losing a certain amount of your audience just because you couldn’t start on time.
  • Poor Impression: Not being punctual means you’re leaving a poor impression because people simply like other people that are on time.
  • Superiority: You can be late once, but you can’t be late more than once because this means you’re doing it on purpose. It can appear you are acting superior to others.
  • Wasteful and Unproductive: It’s simply a waste of time and money. You’re not only wasting your time, but you’re also wasting other people’s time. This is something that can severely hurt your webinar’s reputation.

6. Perform a tech check.

You can be the best possible speaker in the world, the most punctual person ever, or a renowned expert on the matter in your webinar.

However, if you have a bad internet connection, a low-quality camera, and mic, or any outdated piece of hardware, it will not matter. Not even the most efficient webinar software can save you in that case.

So, don’t underestimate the importance of a thorough tech check before you start your webinar, because everything should run smoothly.

7. Implement a registration survey.

Perhaps one of the most strategic things you can do for creating a webinar that engages and converts is providing a registration survey.

The survey can get you some vital info on the audience, and you can apply this to your webinar post promotion.

You can get the average age of your audience, the participant ratio in terms of gender, etc. If you want to go into details, you can ask about their jobs, responsibilities, satisfaction with the current situation, etc.

However, we recommend sticking to the basics because you might discourage people from asking too many questions.

Also, the info is usually the most basic info that lets you determine the target audience.

8. Prepare and rehearse.

Finally, to create a perfect live webinar that engages and converts, you need to prepare technically and rehearse as much as possible.

This is where we go back to the first step, where you should record everything to rehearse it better.

Make note of every detail that matters in the previously recorded webinars. Think about what made the audience react in a certain way, what made them curious about a certain thing, and note what made them smile.

Key Takeaways

To create a webinar that generates leads, use certain webinar software, but you should avoid the virtual meeting situation.

Just make sure to thoroughly prepare, record your webinars, apply for registration surveys, and be punctual.

Also, never forget a tech check. Try to outline your personality as much as possible to build brand identity.

Finally, discuss and converse to engage your audience and make the webinar much more enjoyable for everybody.

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