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Who Should Do Your Content Marketing: DIY or Agency

who should do your content marketing strategy

With so many options for marketers, freelancers, and agencies today, it can be immensely difficult to know who can be trusted to create your marketing strategy. With advanced technology more available at our fingertips than ever before, many are starting to ask, is it even worth it to pay someone else for marketing? Should I just do it myself? The following are some pros and cons of both DIY and agency content marketing to help you decide what the best choice might be for you.

Pros of Working with an Agency

Obviously, the number one pro of working with an agency is sending all of the work off to someone else. When you work with an agency, you get to communicate your marketing demands and goals without ever having to touch the work. You can focus on the business side of what you are trying to accomplish. Then, the agency can pour its full attention into your marketing. This eliminates distractions for both of you by separating the marketing and business sides of things entirely. 

When thinking about who should do your content marketing, another pro of working with an agency is that they are more likely to be accountable. Since you are their client and paying them, it can be easier to hold them accountable for results and delivery. When it’s all on your own, making excuses and procrastinating is a lot more excusable. 

A third benefit to working with an agency is that they are likely going to have a much larger team doing the work. This means there are more people available to cover greater areas within marketing than just one person. For instance, at an agency, they likely will have several people assigned to the project management side of your marketing. Next, they will have several people managing your public relations and monitoring any potential issues with the public’s perception of your product, brand, or company. They will likely also have a social media team to create ample content for different platforms. This includes blogs, videos, and Instagram pictures. So, your content reaches as many people as possible. Overall, within an agency, the reach of your marketing is likely going to be much larger. 

Pros of DIY Marketing

However, the downside is that you lose a great deal of control by giving up all marketing work to an agency. You have to trust them to run your account up to your standards. Plus, you’re trusting them to not have any failures and to produce content that fits your brand. If you don’t like the work, you may still lose money because you often have to compensate for the work done, even if you are not in love with the end result.

In terms of who should do your content marketing, DIY marketing comes in as an option. The main benefit, of course, of DIY marketing, is that it is cost-effective. By not outsourcing your marketing work through an agency, you are saving yourself a great deal of money. This money can be spent on other aspects of bettering your business. If you’re a creative person that enjoys attention to detail and refining your brand, DIY marketing can be extremely effective. You don’t necessarily need the skills found at an agency; many just choose it because they trust an agency’s creativity more than their own. 

Another potential benefit of DIY is that you know your company and objectives better than any outsider ever will. This insight gives you the ability to better connect with audiences in the way you want. One could simply explain their goals and company insights to an agency. But often, it is harder to truly explain the essence of your company and the exact way you want it represented. 

Time-Consuming Con

Perhaps the biggest downside that comes with DIY marketing, however, is just how time-consuming it is. If you’re not willing to put your time into branding, PR, social media, etc. that can come with marketing, DIY is likely not the better option. 

Final Thoughts

Who should do your content marketing really comes down to you as an individual running a business. If you are someone who likes to be in control, then DIY marketing may be the better choice for you. On the contrary, are you a more hands-off person who just wants to see results? Do you care more about the end than the means to that end? In that case, an agency is going to be better for you. It will require far less work and deliver greater results, most likely. 

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