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Young entrepreneurs disrupting Asia’s retail and ecommerce sectors

"Disruptive Entrepreneurs"
“Disruptive Entrepreneurs”

Asia’s retail and e-commerce sectors are currently experiencing significant innovations thanks to a group of young entrepreneurs. These dynamic individuals, all under 30, capitalize on unique market opportunities and disrupt traditional business models with fresh concepts and technologies. They’re making a significant mark on the industry by tapping into consumer needs and digital platforms.

Among these disruptors is YOOME Hwang, the founder of YOLO. Inspired by her world travels, she’s created a digital retail platform that bridges the gap between global markets and consumers. Now, consumers can purchase international products from their homes without needing to travel, a concept that has become even more relevant amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking advantage of international travel restrictions, Hwang created Croket, an online marketplace that offers 700,000 regional products by 25,000 sellers globally. With three million downloads and a gross value of 155 billion won ($115 million), the platform capitalizes on the e-commerce demand during these unique times.

Entrepreneurs Rizky Arief Dwi Prakoso and Karina Innadindya Amron Naibaho identified a niche opportunity in the perfume industry in Indonesia.

Youth-driven innovation in Asia’s e-commerce

Their company, HMNS, produces quality perfume at affordable rates using locally sourced ingredients. After selling 800,000 bottles in one year, they plan to expand into Malaysia.

In the luxury watch industry in Singapore, Chia Pei Qi and Kenneth Kuan have earned attention for their high-quality straps and accessories brand, Delugs. Their collection, which attracts celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, stands out in the competitive market thanks to their selection of materials and innovative designs.

Vanshika Kaji expanded her family’s textile business in India by launching KNYA Med. The company manufactures medical lab coats and scrubs, catering to demand amidst current health crises. Fellow entrepreneur, Vaibhav Makhija also diversified, capitalizing on the health and wellness trend with What’s Up Wellness, a line of supplement-infused gummy sweets.

The adaptability and innovative ideas of these young entrepreneurs are setting high standards in the retail and ecommerce industry. By pursuing niche markets, understanding consumer needs, and challenging norms, they’re creating their unique space in the industry. Their success stories emphasize the importance of creativity and adaptability in business growth and highlight the role of digital transformations in retail.

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