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Zomato partners with vegetarian outlets amidst controversy

"Vegetarian Controversy"
“Vegetarian Controversy”

Zomato, the well-known Indian food delivery service, has announced a venture to meet the needs of its vegetarian customers by exclusively collaborating with vegetarian restaurants. The initiative, announced by Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal, is in response to its predominantly vegetarian users, who have expressed a desire for a more tailor-made dining experience.

Zomato also plans to introduce a vegetarian delivery fleet, which is distinguished by its green uniforms. This not only provides an extra layer of assurance for the customers’ hygienic and specific vegetarian food requirements but also highlights Zomato’s commitment to inclusivity and consumer orientation.

Vegetarianism is a significant part of Indian culture, deeply influenced by the religious concept of ‘ahimsa’ or non-violence towards all life.

Approximately forty percent of India’s population adhere to a vegetarian diet, a lifestyle so influential it impacts even real estate transactions.

However, Zomato has faced criticism over this move, with critics labeling it as casteist. Accusations suggest the initiative primarily caters to higher castes, who are generally vegetarian, while neglecting the lower castes, who are usually non-vegetarian. Critics worry this could potentially exacerbate existing societal divisions and implicitly encourage caste-based discrimination.

In response to the backlash, Zomato reversed its decision to use unique green uniforms for its vegetarian delivery fleet, recognizing the potential unintended consequences. The company also affirmed its commitment to respecting individual dietary choices and pledged to develop an inclusive strategy based on the feedback received.

Despite these challenges, Zomato’s CEO Goyal reassured that they would continue resolving potential customer issues due to their methods. Ahead, all their delivery staff, serving vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, are set to wear red uniforms, ensuring no discrimination or alienation.

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