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Botânica: Designer’s tribute to nature, community

Nature's Tribute
Nature’s Tribute

Porto-based graphic designer Chezarit Mattie has combined his passion for nature and transformation in a new visual identity for a local community garden, Botânica. The fresh brand, with vibrant hues and hand-drawn elements, encapsulates Botânica’s spirit and mission – to nurture growth, relaxation, and community collaboration centered around nature.

The community garden serves as a green sanctuary for Porto’s citizens, promoting environmental education, sustainable practices, and open dialogues on conserving nature. The lush foliage framing Botânica creates the perfect ambiance for these discussions. Residents gain horticultural insights and contribute toward creating a healthier planet.

Industrial multinational experiences with brands like Nestle and Disney have shaped Mattie’s project approach, creating Botânica’s unique identity. The design’s artistry represents the harmonious meeting point of art and nature, pushing for a greener future. Mattie has consciously leveraged contemporary aesthetics to project Botânica’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Mattie’s journey as a Venezuelan immigrant has profoundly impacted his perspective on this project.

Botânica: Uniting art, nature and community

His childhood memories, filled with the rich biodiversity of Venezuelan flora and fauna, define his deep love for nature. Moving to the United States further nurtured his bond with nature, which he considered a source of solace while navigating the wanderings of a new country.

Botânica is a testimony to Mattie’s personal experiences and deep connection with nature. He views it as a significant milestone, weaving together his personal narratives and passion for the environment into a cohesive story. Mattie perceives this project as a mirror, showcasing every learning and success from his cherished journey.

Botânica’s design uses pops of orange and vibrant greens to reflect its mission of nurturing eco-farming and environmental education. The choice of colors also symbolizes the eco-garden’s commitment to fostering human-nature synergy, aiming to tread lightly on the planet we share with myriad life forms.

Botânica’s minimalist design effortlessly merges art with nature, demonstrating its inclusivity and accessibility. The chosen tones symbolize the garden’s biodiversity, steering the brand towards a more sustainable planet. Through its captivating visual identity, Botânica invites everyone to cherish and celebrate the enchanting confluence of art and nature.

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