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How to Stay Human With AI-Enhanced Digital Marketing

AI-Enhanced Digital Marketing

Technology continues to revolutionize the business world and those that capitalize on these advancements are set to position themselves at a distinct advantage. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has risen in prominence. What once was a concept confined to the realms of science fiction is now very much a science fact. Early adopters of this technology can avail themselves of this powerful and enduring tool that is positioned to transform every area of our lives. One area in which AI is currently making waves is that of AI-enhanced digital marketing. According to the latest figures, AI has become deeply intertwined in the digital marketing landscape with over 80% of industry experts integrating some form of AI technology into their marketing activities. 

While the benefits AI can offer businesses in this area are substantial, concerns remain that the ‘human element’ may be lost when over-reliance is placed on it.  In this article, we will consider strategies businesses can employ to ensure authentic engagement with their customers while embracing an approach to AI-enhanced digital marketing.

Encompass the Art of Storytelling

Retelling tales around the fire of mystery, magic and suspense, with a captivated audience lingering on each word has long been viewed as a uniquely human art form. In this digital age, where AI spins its own stories, the challenge is to craft authentic narratives that resonate with their audiences. 

Rather than simply conveying a message, marketers can use the ancient art of storytelling to evoke emotions and spark the imaginations of potential customers. By leveraging AI-generated data regarding their customers’ preferences and behaviors businesses can create content that feels uniquely personal and relevant to them, fostering stronger customer connections and brand loyalty.

Maintain Human Involvement

AI can prove invaluable to every area of the marketing process. From the generation of marketing campaigns and automation of social media schedules to data analysis and ad optimization, it can be tempting to entrust AI with the full gambit of marketing responsibilities. However, to strike the right balance, it is important for businesses not to understate or dispense with the human touch. 

While AI can successfully streamline processes, improve efficiencies, and add to the bottom line, it is essential that key human traits such as creativity, intuition, and insight continue to play a part in the marketing process. Whether it is crafting compelling narratives, brainstorming campaign ideas, or making strategic decisions, the aspect of human involvement should also be maintained, ensuring an outcome that is shaped by this unique sensitivity and ability to genuinely speak to its audience.

This harmonious collaboration between AI and humans can be facilitated through marketing apps like Strictly.ai, which can help businesses generate personalized action plans with human marketers to help them meet their goals.

Test and Tweak

When introducing AI-powered marketing tools into their campaigns, businesses can benefit from taking a measured approach. Rather than switching over to a fully AI-generated strategy, it can be helpful to monitor and refine their initiatives based on feedback and data-driven results. 

This enables businesses to see where they may need to bridge the gap between AI processes and human input, ultimately crafting campaigns that hit the right mark with their audiences.

By keeping these points in mind businesses can benefit from the power of AI while maintaining a human-centric approach to their marketing goals.


Featured image provided by Austin Distel; Unsplash; Thanks!

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