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Why It Often Pays to Outsource Your SEO

Why It Often Pays to Outsource Your SEO

Everything’s going great with the client. They love the content you’re sending. Even the supplied images are keeping them happy and they keep ordering additional work. Suddenly, your client wants to include SEO services. Of course, you say yes, even though SEO isn’t in your toolbox. After all, how hard can SEO be? You simply toss in some keywords and a couple of backlinks. There’s a lot more to SEO than adding keywords and if you don’t know the basics, your client isn’t going to be thrilled—thankfully, an SEO reseller has your back. Still not sure if it pays to outsource your SEO? Here are a few things to consider.

Reasons to Use an SEO Reseller

At first glance, SEO can seem pretty simple. The goal is to help a website rank at the top of search engine results. A quick tutorial should be all you need, right? While this can help you get started, you’ll still miss some of the finer points.

These little aspects can have a big impact on where a website pops up on a search page. SEO is time-consuming and can be frustrating. If this isn’t reason enough to consider outsourcing the work, here are a few more to keep in mind.

SEO is a Critical Aspect of a Website

Whether you’re the website owner or providing a service, like a content generator, SEO is what gets you noticed. Even if you’re in a small niche, like selling knit sweaters for miniature goats, there’s bound to be competition.

You may sell the absolute best knitted sweaters that goats seem to love, but if no one can find your website your profit margin is probably close to nonexistent.

Did you know that an estimated 53% of the traffic to a website comes from search engine results? This means that if your site is missing SEO you’re losing out on a lot of potential business.

SEO is Expensive

As noted earlier, SEO is time-consuming and this translates to the practice can be expensive. You can use an in-house team to generate SEO but it’s going to mean a significant increase in your operational budget. If you’re a small business, this may be an expense you can’t afford. Even large corporations can balk at the often hefty price.

You can also start searching for an SEO consultant. Bringing an SEO contractor on board is a viable option. However, it also comes with a cost. You’ll probably need to spend time and money onboarding the contractor.

Most also charge an hourly rate and this can quickly get expensive. Another potential problem is finding a qualified SEO consultant. They’re not only in high demand but there’s also a shortage. The SEO field isn’t exactly drawing in hundreds of qualified professionals.

Google’s Algorithm is Complex

Google’s algorithm (what the search engine uses to rank websites) has never been simple and it gets more complex with every update. Originally, you could get by with keyword stuffing and inserting a ton of backlinks. However, now the algorithm frowns on this practice.

Don’t forget that several other services are integrated into Google. For example, Android, Drive, Gmail, Google Plus, and Docs, to name a few. This adds a whole other layer of complexity to SEO.

An SEO professional will need to be able to track Google’s changes, find opportunities to build links and produce quality marketing content. The content needs to be consistent. You can’t just upload fresh content once a month or so. Yes, the algorithm checks for this.

Choosing the Right SEO Reseller for Your Business

Now that you have a good idea of why it can make sense to outsource your SEO, the next step is finding the right partner. You don’t just want to choose anyone. Remember, SEO is often responsible for driving over half of your organic traffic. This means, choosing someone who has more than a passing familiarity with best SEO practices.

Check References, Reviews, and Experience

You generally check references anytime you bring someone new into your company. When you purchase a new appliance, you probably pour over product reviews before making a final decision. You’ll want to apply this when you’re looking for a qualified SEO reseller.

Don’t just go with social media reviews, communicate with the poster to ensure everything is legit. The DM (direct message) feature will come in handy. You can contact the reviewer directly and get an honest review of the reseller’s work.

Experience is also key in an SEO reseller. While someone just starting out can have the skills and knowledge, it may not be your best option. The SEO industry is notorious for watching people come and go.

You don’t want to hire an SEO reseller only to have them walk out halfway through your project. Try looking for someone with at least a few years of experience. This often indicates they’re willing to stick with the industry and your project.

When you’re looking for an experienced SEO reseller, it also helps if they’ve worked in your niche before. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a hiring requirement, but it can help.

How Payments Are Structured

Cost is almost always a top priority, regardless of business type and size. Most SEO resellers charge similar rates. If you find one offering to work at a too-good-to-be-true price, it probably is. While you don’t have to go with the highest-charging reseller, you probably also want to avoid the cheapest services.

Something else to consider is the payment structure. Are you paying upfront for services that haven’t produced results or does the reseller only charge once the project is completed? You may also want to ask if there’s a subscription plan, especially if you’re planning on sending ongoing work.

Bet the Most Out of Your Website with an SEO Reseller

Unless you have plenty of time and are ready to immerse yourself in SEO metrics, this is a task often best left to the professionals, and this typically means working with an SEO reseller. Do your homework and inquire about experience and cost.

With a little research, you can find an SEO reseller that will have your website ranking at the top of the search engine results.


Featured image provided by Vlada Karpovich; Pexels; Thanks!

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