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Niches Commonly Used by Social Media Influencers

social media influencers

Niche means a specialized segment of the market, a specific subset, or a particular demographic. Also, niche has more than one definition, and social media influencers that work in a certain niche help to reach a particular portion of the audience and spend time building relationships with that audience. Niche influencers – in social media influencer marketing – are specialized influencers that help a brand to achieve its goals. Given below are the different types of niches commonly used by influencers.


Beauty influencers mainly review beauty products; they partner with beauty brands to create strategies that help reach the target audience in authentic ways. Influencers in the beauty realm understand buyers. With the emphasis being on vegan and cruelty-free products, people think twice before buying any beauty product. This is where influencers help to generate awareness about beauty products. Their content can be of various types such as product reviews, tutorials, or makeup hacks. Beauty brands of all types rely heavily on influencers.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness products are always in demand and people these days are increasingly concerned about their health, physical and mental. Influencers who work in this niche are often fitness enthusiasts who focus on communicating and supporting the fitness goals of their followers. They help their followers to get into shape. The fitness influencers can be anybody from at-home mums to athletes. They often share content such as self-paced workout routines that match the level of fitness of their followers. For instance, Jennifer Selter often shares fitness tips on her Instagram account, and they often go viral among her followers.


During the pandemic, people fantasized about going off to exotic locales and would think of dream vacations. That is when travel influencers started to become increasingly popular. Travel influencers can be campers or outdoor enthusiasts and they are seeing great results in recent years. They often recommend airlines, restaurants, and hotels and use captivating visual content. This often helps to increase the following of brands that they endorse. Couples often make a living by traveling the world together and writing a blog about it. For instance, Matt Kepnes, popularly known by his Instagram handle Nomadic Matt, regularly shares posts on how to travel cheaply yet ethically.


The gaming market is worth big money and influencers in this niche are popular for live streaming their games on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.  They help brands to reach a worldwide audience and as such are immensely valuable for brands. Influencers may not seem an obvious partner for a game but with the increasing popularity of games as a hobby, gamers can endorse anything from cars to tea. They create online content, and that content has led to a significant rise in a loyal following. Gaming influencers are assets and occupy a unique position between the audience and the industry. People are willing to spend to watch other people play and give reviews of games. They are followed by millions who want to improve their own game.

Ronn Torossian is Chairman of 5WPR, a leading PR firm.

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